Studijní cesty (do ČR)

Bosnia and Herzegovina  – Citizen´s participation in a decision making process in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Czech experience, stage 5

Ukraine – Transmission of Czech experience: Introduction of citizens participation methods and principles on local level in Ukraine: Czech experience, stage I

Armenia – Study tour: Anti-corruption program

Ukraine –  Study tour of Ukrainian policy makers: Economic transformation in the Czech Republic

Armenia –  Study tour of Armenian experts: Vocational education best practices and active labor market policy in the Czech Republic

Ukraine, Uzbekistan – Study tour to the Czech Republic: Capacity building of public policy-making bodies in Ukraine and Uzbekistan

Ukraine  – Study tour to the Czech Republic: Building policy response to crisis-set challenges in Ukraine: Utilizing Czech Republic’s transitional experience

Armenia – Study tour to the Czech Republic: Capacity building of Armenian public employees on environmental monitoring, information management and reporting

Georgia  – Knowledge transfer of Czech experience: Raising awareness of Georgian politicians and medium level decision-makers on decentralization

Georgia – Support to transition and communication in Georgia: Study visit of Georgian journalists and newly elected politicians from Gurie and Kvemo Kartli regions to the Czech republic

Tajikistan – Czech experience with transformation of self-governance at local levels: Study visit of local politicians from Tajikistan

Ukraine  – Civil society exchange program: Enhancing citizen participation in decision-making process at the national and local level by applying Czech best practices in Ukraine

Georgia – Knowledge transfer of Czech experience: Administration of the parliament of Georgia, modern parliamentary development and management systems

Georgia – Study Tour of Georgian school teachers and debating coordinators to the Czech Republic: Support of active citizenship and involvement of youth in public life

Uzbekistan – Study tour to the Czech Republic for members of parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Armenia  – Study tour for counterpart international community working groups and local government representatives from Armenia on participatory community development in Czech Republic

Armenia – Exploring and practicing civic activism, volunteerism and participation in the Czech republic

Armenia – Capacity building of the local politicians and civil servants to facilitate local development through improvement of self-government, increased citizens participation and cooperation.

Kosovo  –  Best practices in harmonization process of the national legislation with the law of the EU.

China – Experience sharing on citizens participation, grassroots, NGO’s and civic society building

Turkmenistan –  Study visit of Mejlis of Turkmenistan on capacity building for law-making

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