Civic participation in Norway – Knowledge transfer and Workshop

About the project

The goal of the project was to contribute to good governance on local level through enabling citizens to engage directly in decision-making. We aimed to support transfer knowledge from the Norwegian civic participation projects and on-line tools for participation, increase awareness about the tools and methods.

There were several types of research and educational activities during the project.

First of all number of interviews was conducted with variety of Czech local public administration workers. We focused on their perception of importance and quality of communication with citizens in their municipalities.

Based on these interviews we created structure of the questionnaire that should help us to measure these two dimensions among the broader group of LPA.

Results of questioning were highlighted by the digital storytelling method used by our Norwegian partner Apenhet. We can see that all aspects of communication are important to the Czech LPA but the one way information toward the citizens is still the most. Beside the one way informing we also measured the importance of getting feedback, fulfilling the citizens need or opening the space for discussion.

The results and the method of Digital storytelling were introduced together with another best practices of citizen involvement cases and tools during the bilateral conference in Prague. Its program was created partly by examples of the digital tools from abroad (Decidim, CitizenLab) but also examples of best practice of Czech municipalities. See the program with downloadable presentation for more details.

Based on the previous findings from the survey and discussions on the expert workshop that followed the conference we decided to create the brochure that will help to the LPA choose appropriate tools for electronic participation.

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